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    De Montfort University Press has previously published two books, both in 2020. 

    LAMP 30 years: The History of Leicester's Longest Running Mental Health Charity by Emma Brine.

    Thirty years ago, Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project (Lamp) began operations. Lamp’s aims were to support those living with mental health conditions in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, and to challenge the stigma that surrounds it. Lamp has been a leading provider in mental health advocacy in the area, however, this is only part of what they have achieved. Raising awareness, challenging stigma, creating links with service providers so that service users could have a voice in their care, these are just a few things in the long list of Lamp’s accomplishments in the past thirty years. This book looks in detail at these achievements, including interviews, personal anecdotes and research from Lamp’s own archive.

    You can access the book here.


    'Not enough music': a critique of musical education in schools in England by Dr Barry Dufour, Visiting Professor of Education Studies, with a contribution by Dr Austin Griffiths.

    This research monograph presents a critical overview of music education in schools in England, both generally and historically up to the end of 2019 via visits to institutions, interviews, and observations, and also considered the historical and socio-political contexts of musical education. 

    You can access the book here